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Russell Archey Commercial Demo
Russell Archey Trailer Demo
Russell Archey Narration Demo
Russell Archey Video Game Demo

I started my voice-over career not knowing how exactly I was going to fit into that world, but I knew I wanted in.

5 years later, I've narrated over 50 audiobooks, commercials for Pluto TV, car part companies, chicken restaurants in England and travel companies in Ireland, promotional videos for medical conferences, mosques, national industry boards, and board game companies (like the awesome Petersen Games), video game characters, documentaries, and YouTube channels (with over 2.6 million subscribers listening to me every week).

This is my career, my art, and my passion. I never thought I'd get to say I'm living the dream, but here I am. 

I get to work from an amazing studio on my own property, with my own logo that speaks to me and my style. 

Hard work, good coaching, and dedication have led me to build a sound I'm proud of and a career I strive to be great in. 

And the 'raven' motif? That just looks and sounds cool.


Microphone: Sennheiser MKH 416

DAW         Adobe Audition

Software:  Waves and RX7 Plug-ins

Interface: Scarlett Focusrite 2i2

Source Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom

pluto tv.png


One of the very best voice talents I’ve ever encountered in the last 21 years. I owned a multimillion dollar marketing agency and created radio and cinema advertising Australia wide. I worked with some of the best in the nation. Russell just sent me our audio and I can honestly say it was 100% perfect. If you want professional, value for money voice talent, stop what you are doing and hire Russell now – before your competitors do.

"5 Prince Publishing had the honor of working with Russell Archey of RAVON Media on many of our titles. The talent produced is phenomenal and the characterizations were spot on.  A true professional, the productions were done in a timely manner and sound incredible. We will continue to use Mr. Archey for future projects."

Best narrator on YouTube, there's no competition.

oh my.. that voice..soooo lush... keep him forever...the bestest narrator I've heard in a long time.. I'm sure it wasn't by accident you chose him to be your voice over..

"We have worked with Russell for several projects now. I am impressed with his versatility and eagerness to create a professional product that represents our games in the best way possible. He is our #1 go-to voice talent when we want a deeply masculine, dynamic, engaging voice."

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