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The Dark Volumes is the home of all your favorite classic horror stories - with a few surprise visitors thrown in.

Lovecraft, Poe, Chambers, Dunsany, Shelly - the progenitors of literary fear as we know and love it.  New stories are added regularly from all corners of our malign library.


We give voice to the things that go bump in the night.


The stories presented are my favorites after years of reading, learning about, and discovering the fantastical world of cosmic and gothic horror. The authors of many of these stories not only inspired each other, but oftentimes collaborated and worked together - creating a dark, sinister, and far-reaching tapestry of lore, characters, and settings.


They truly create a mythos all their own - a chilling counter to Tolkien's own grand web.


You can also listen to all of the stories on SoundCloud.


Feel free to download and stream to your bleak heart's content. Come, rest your feet. Join us in the dark and the insane